Rigless Intervention System

Save as much as 20 days of rig time on a 12-slot platform

The Baker Hughes Rigless Intervention System (RIS) is ideal for subsea intervention jobs, such as abandonments, conductor preinstallations, and workovers. The system significantly reduces cost by eliminating the need for a rig. When performing conductor preinstalls, the RIS can save as much as 20 days of rig time on a 12-slot platform.

The RIS enables rigless operations for the cutting and abandonment of conductors in 50-ft sections or their preinstallation on a platform before the rig arrives to drill the wells. This also is capable of performing other well intervention operations.

For preinstallations, the RIS can be placed on the platform’s box beams and skidded from well to well. The system, which has its own power pack, can operate with a single crane alongside.

The modular system, bolted together in sections, can be quickly erected without any need for hot work. The RIS has a 250-ton [227-tonne] pulling capacity and can accommodate up to 36-in. [914-mm] OD pipe. It can handle the great majority of platform conductors. The system allows conductors to be turned in the event of hanging up in the bell guides. The RIS has independent hydraulic power for all operations.

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