Boost overall ROI for the life of your well

In our four regions, we’re working harder every day so you can work smarter with less investment risk and less nonproductive time throughout your project’s life cycle.

We’re the reliable service provider whose record of innovation has helped operators throughout the world manage operating expenses and maximize recovery.

We develop the solutions for your complex technical challenges... where you need them.

Experts at our product centers are researching next-generation for reservoir development, drilling and evaluation, completions and production, pressure pumping, and fluids and chemicals.

Scientists at our regional technology centers and Global Centers of Excellence are pushing the boundaries of value-added technologies to find the solutions for even greater challenges.

Our continuous product and service improvements mean you can rely on us every step of the way. 


Europe, Africa, and Russia Caspian

From emerging deepwater markets to mature fields and harsh environments, innovative technology and expertise are driving efficiencies and improving your production economics.


Latin America

We’re working on deep foothill plays, emerging ultradeepwater subsalt prospects, complex heavy-oil drainage patterns, and HP/HT environments to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.


Middle East and Asia Pacific

In more than 25 countries throughout the region, we can enhance your reservoir’s performance while improving the overall your return through the entire life cycle of your well.


North America

We are dedicated to maximizing production through customized solutions across each of our North America geomarkets.


From shale-gas formations and other unconventional hydrocarbons to remote deepwater frontiers, geothermal energy, and carbon capture/storage, we’re delivering better solutions.

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