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Explore the performance of ADROIT6000 compared to competitor units.


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The ADROIT6200 has been designed to be an ideal sensor for use across a range of industries, including the automotive and aerospace test market. To determine the competitiveness of the ADROIT6200, units were tested against 3 market-leading competitors who claim similar performance specifications.

This whitepaper discusses the results of comparative testing performed by Druck in laboratory conditions with products from other pressure sensor manufacturers with similar specifications and target applications.

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ADROIT6200 is a high performance, robust pressure measurement device. It combines the best mechanical properties of micromachined silicon in a fully welded 316L stainless steel body with the latest digital processing capability to offer levels of accuracy, previously unavailable in a device of this type. It offers a full suite of pressure measurements including gauge, absolute and differential references and pressure ranges from 200 mbar to 350 bar.