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Technology and services for the fastest growing sector of the energy industry 

Our Approach

As an energy technology company, Baker Hughes is deploying services and equipment at scale to serve new and emerging energy ventures.


An energy technology company like no other.

Baker Hughes is committed to making energy cleaner, safer and more efficient. As the energy industry evolves, we are employing our core capabilities of geoscience, turbomachinery and digital solutions in new ways to enable the growth of renewable and alternative energy. 

Hydrogen value chain
Geothermal energy
Wind and hydro power
Lithium-ion battery Inspection
Energy services

Geothermal energy

Geothermal wells present unique logistical, technical and environmental challenges. Baker Hughes draws on more than 40 years of geothermal experience, reliable equipment, and specialized technologies to safely and efficiently tap into this clean, renewable energy source. 

Battery inspection
Enabling renewables

Lithium-ion battery Inspection

Lithium-ion battery quality is a key factor in enabling renewables and electric vehicles. X-ray and CT quality inspection of batteries helps manufacturers increase load capacity, extend lifecycles, and comply with all quality assurance and safety standards.

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