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Andy Howell

CEO, KBC Advanced Technologies

Andy is responsible for KBC’s overall business and is a member of Yokogawa’s global executive team. He also heads KBC’s global products business. He is based in London, UK. 

As CEO, Andy led KBC through its acquisition by Yokogawa and the delisting on the UK AIM exchange. Prior to that, he managed KBC's technology business. He started his career with BP Exploration in the UK, after which he joined Hyprotech where he managed technology development. Following acquisition by AspenTech, he moved to Schlumberger, holding senior management positions related to oil and gas development and production. 

Andy holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK. Andy is a passionate supporter of digitalization and sustainability in the oil & gas business. In his spare time, Andy can be found cruising on one of his collection of Harley-Davidson or Kawasaki motorcycles.