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Annual Meeting 2017

Technology Sessions

Attendees had the opportunity to pre-register from a selection of in-depth technical sessions. The 10 sessions shed some great new light on how GE Oil & Gas is melding the best of the physical and digital worlds, with technology from across the GE Store, and collaboration with many of the companies represented at the event, to improve efficiency and productivity in each sector of the industry.

  • Creating value in refinery, petrochemical and fertilizer applications
  • Driving optimization through a full artificial lift well lifecycle
  • Advanced technologies for optimized LNG operations
  • Exploring the benefits of modularization
  • Increasing productivity, efficiency and speed for midstream applications
  • The next chapter in improving performance in downstream
  • Reimagining subsea services from concept to production
  • A look inside the Digital Industrial transformation: Predix in oil and gas
  • Asset Performance Management: the impact of software on unplanned downtime
  • Bringing digital to the brilliant factory: revolutionizing the supply chain


This year, we also staged three additional, pop-up technology sessions to continue existing conversations with selected customers about solutions for their niche market needs.

  • Going full-stream in the industrial power solutions market
  • Intelligent all-electric subsea processing systems
  • GE flexible pipeline solutions — new technologies create opportunities

There's a massive case for transformation, it's no longer a question of is it digital relevant.

Andrew Smart, Technology Sessions

Outcomes from APM include improved performance, lower asset cost and platform innovation.

Craig Resnick, Technology Sessions

The digital upstream platform will allow us to incorporate digital twins of wells, artificial lift, reservoir, and network, to better monitor and control productivity and spending for upstream assets, and increase production, recovery, and NPV.

Scott Raphael, Technology Sessions

We’re building full-stream, commercial-scale, cloud-capable software for GE and non-GE equipment. Our goal is to be as open as possible.

Binu Mathew, Technology Sessions