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Bently Nevada

Condition Monitoring and Machine Asset Protection

Condition Monitoring and Machine Asset Protection


Bently Nevada†, a Baker Hughes business, offers a plantwide, holistic suite of machine condition monitoring and protection hardware, software, and services that help you achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible - all of which is backed up by our over 60 years of industry-leading expertise and truly global support. 

Our portfolio of condition monitoring software and associated hardware work seamlessly to provide your teams the real-time data, condition monitoring, and alarm protocols they need to prevent unexpected downtime, accurately monitor vibration and correctly diagnose your equipment's issues. 

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Bently Nevada Solutions
Condition Monitoring Systems
Condition Based Monitoring Solutions

Our portfolio of advanced machine condition monitoring solutions range from machinery protection systems to portable data collectors and analyzers all of which work to ensure the highest level of asset protection.


Machinery Monitoring Systems

Online Condition Monitoring Systems

Wireless Vibration Sensors

Portable and Diagnostic Systems

Condition Monitoring Software

Cyber Security
Machinery Protection Systems
Machinery Protection Systems

Our online machinery protection systems can monitor your critical machine assets and shut them down in an alarm event, saving you costly repairs and unplanned downtime.

ADAPT Overspeed Protection 

3500 Machinery Protection System 

Distributed Protection Systems




Condition Monitoring Sensors

Our portfolio of vibration and condition monitoring sensors detect measure, calibrate and analyze your critical equipment in virtually every way to prevent costly outages.


Acceleration and Velocity Sensors

Hydro Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Thrust and Vibration Transmitters

Sensor Housings and Accessories


330180_3300XL_bently nevada proximity sensors vibration sensors condition monitoring sensors
Condition Monitoring Software
Condition Monitoring Software

Bently Nevada's System 1 condition monitoring software supports mission-critical machinery such as gas, hydro and steam turbines, generators, compressors, and so much more.

System 1 comes with a wide array of features including Decision Support which allows users to create and deploy custom rules that help you capture, disseminate, and leverage knowledge of your equipment, processes, and business solutions.

If you’re in need of a SaaS solution Bently Nevada also offers a machine health monitoring service, Bently HOST, that give you access to all the benefits of System 1 in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Bently Nevada's Condition Monitoring Software Solutions include:

System 1 - Condition Monitoring Software

Decision Support Rule-Building and Data-Mapping Features

Bently HOST - Condition Monitoring SaaS

System 1 Evolution, with an intense focus on plantwide device integration and Condition Monitoring workflow
Condition Monitoring Services
Machine Condition Monitoring and Asset Protection Services

Implementation services  - One source to design, plan, manage, and execute the installation.

Expert Training  - Boost your proficiency in Remote Asset Condition Monitoring with our Training and Support Services to get the maximum value out of your production assets. Bently Nevada offers the expertise of our seasoned field engineers in over 50 training facilities worldwide.

Remote Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics  - Plug into our global network of machinery experts with remote monitoring.  

Condition Monitoring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  with Bently HOST, condition monitoring is more accessible to those without large IT budgets and resources, reducing the total cost of ownership. Software and hardware are hosted in our secure environment with remote support and access management available. Infrastructure updates are handled by our team of experts so users can reap the benefits without the need of management.

Supporting Services  - Our supporting service offerings are designed to maximize the value of your investment in asset protection and monitoring systems. From technical support and troubleshooting to fully managed supporting services covering probe tip to machinery health reports – and everything in between – we ensure your system is healthy, available, up to date, secure, and optimized.

Equipment Repair - Our Technical Support Specialists are here to help with your repair. Start a repair request, here.


bently nevada condition monitoring services support
Digital App
Digital App

The Baker Hughes Digital Application portfolio allows users to explore three separate interactive applications for BH: BH DS 3D product models and Flare IQ solutions; BH Digital Solutions for an overview of the O&G landscape; and Bently Nevada's plantwide solutions.

Legal Information

To learn more about Bently Nevada Copyright, Trademarks and Patents, visit our Legal Page.

Information gaps, blind spots and the need for holistic plantwide condition monitoring
Plantwide monitoring

Information gaps, blind spots and the need for holistic plantwide condition monitoring

Ed J. Boufarah - Vice President, Bently Nevada

Decision Support Process Funnel
System 1's New Decision Support

Enhance the Data Analytics Power of System 1

Remote Learning
Bently Nevada Training

Remote learning sessions are available in time zones for customers in any region of the globe.

Orbit 60
Introducing the Orbit 60 Series
See the future of asset protection and condition monitoring, today.

The all-new Orbit 60 Series machine condition monitoring and protection system has been developed from the ground up for true plantwide deployment. Built off of the legendary 3500, the Orbit 60 will accelerate your journey into next-level machine-health analytics.

Remote Monitoring Center
Bently HOST
Condition monitoring as a service

Peace of mind condition monitoring The full benefits of condition monitoring without the full cost Flexible, scalable and secure to meet your business needs

KAON Plantwide
Explore the new app
Hardware, software, & services in 1 plantwide solution

Explore the plantwide story in the new interactive app, accessible on your iPad and desktop computer.  Powerful sensors, clarity with System 1, cost-effective wireless tools, services globally, and portable technology make condition monitoring more accessible than ever. Simplify, with Bently Nevada.

The power of System 1
Intelligent decisions come from timely, accurate data.

Optimize your plant’s performance, efficiency, and reliability by leveraging every datapoint with System 1 from Bently Nevada. Turn unplanned outages into manageable, scheduled downtime through streamlining and automation of your condition monitoring program with System 1.

Gas pipelines and gas tanks at the LNG terminal
Bently Nevada Delivers Peace of Mind
LNG producers choose Bently Nevada to protect their machinery

Since the industry was formed in the early 1960s, Bently Nevada has been chosen nine out of ten times by the world's LNG producers to help them protect and proactively manage all critical machinery. The recognized domain expert in the LNG asset condition monitoring space, Bently Nevada has been there for many "first" and "largest" challenges, with our solution ultimately safeguarding 87% of the world's LNG production supply chain.

Customer-Focused Solutions
Leveraging the most complete platform for asset protection in the marketplace
Sensors deployed in mission-critical machinery worldwide.
2 Hours or less
Typical time to identify a solution with our remote diagnostics. Bently Nevada has regional and global coverage to support scheduled and reactive/call-off services.
Learn more about condition monitoring solutions for renewables
Bently units monitor 10% of the world's wind power
Plantwide solutions
Condition monitoring and asset protection with global services support
System 1
This cutting-edge software leads the way by providing actionable data, enabling more intelligent decisions and greater insights

pulp and paper
Pulp and Paper

See how Bently Nevada is helping you meet the challenges of the Pulp & Paper Industry.

mining flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, clamp on flow meters, portable flow meters
Mining Industry

We're here to help you dig into the future of mining, steel, and metals production.

Steel & Metals Industry

We have a wide range of solutions to help you meet today's metal production challenges.

Wind Turbines
Power Gen Industry

See how Bently Nevada is optimizing the future of power, today.

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Access our growing archive of quick and informative Take 5 podcasts

The ins and outs of condition monitoring can be dry or even confusing on a page. But these quick conversations are totally organic, interesting, and digestible. Hear all about application challenges, technical details, and performance advantages—directly from the Bently Nevada technical experts

The Bently Nevada App
Explore the world of plantwide solutions in the new app
Explore the world of plant-wide solutions in the new app.

New to the Bently Nevada technology? Looking for the best solution at your plant? Interested in finding ways to see more clearly the condition of your machines? Want to see inside some of the most cutting-edge hardware in the industry? 

Then this app is for you! Bently Nevada hardware, software, and services are designed with the customer in mind - you. And a picture is worth a thousand words!  Bently Nevada is passionate about innovating the best ways to detect, diagnose, and maintain all of your assets.  What are you waiting for? Open the app right here on our website to see how all of these things connect, read the latest success stories of customers in your industry, and discover the value of condition monitoring - click the image right to see a whole new side of Bently Nevada.

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Bently Nevada Tech Support

Bently is here to help.  Call us today +1 (775) 215-1818.  


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