Bently Nevada Decision Support helps natural gas company in India

Decision Support Analytics Achieve Value Realization on Day 1

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Decision Support help natural gas customer
Customer Value Story

A major natural gas processing and distribution company based in India uses System 1 as the primary condition-monitoring platform for their Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and C2C3 Recovery Plants. The System 1 installation covers 32 critical machine trains equipped with 20 Bently Nevada 3500 racks for monitoring and protection. In mid-2020, the company upgraded 19 of their most critical assets to System 1 20.1. The company also implemented Decision Support Analytics enabling them to detect early changes in machine behavior and identify targeted failure modes specific to their asset types.

Immediately after installing Decision Supportautomated analytics detected two alarm conditions associated with instrumentation wiring issues, which were quickly confirmed within System 1 by the Asset Management team. By pinpointing the correct machine issue, Decision Support Analytics eliminated false diagnoses and allowed the customer to correct the probe installation issue with limited impact on operations. In addition, significant costs were saved by avoiding unnecessary repairs, such as in-situ balancing.



Decision Support Analyticss pair the rich dataset of System 1 with the trusted expertise of Bently Nevada. The resulting insights empower you to proactively manage your assets, while meeting production schedules and ensuring safe operations. System 1, with its plantwide dataset, Decision Support analytics, and best-in-class diagnostics, enables you to securely monitor the health of your entire fleet – from anywhere, at any time.