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How we do it

To get the most from your assets, delivering the required performance, at the lowest cost and within the accepted risk profile, it is critical to:

  • Set an optimal asset care plan to minimize the costs, manage the risk, and deliver the required performance.
  • Execute the care plan as efficiently as possible and capture history of the work done.
  • Monitor the condition of the assets to ensure they are operating in alignment with the dynamic operating context and care plan, identify impending failures, and trigger any corrective actions.

Learn how an integrated approach to APM works

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Asset Condition Monitoring

Software and hardware to monitor asset condition in real time. Alert when condition deteriorates providing security and protection of assets and catastrophic failures.

  • Managed by condition monitoring technician and engineers
  • Standalone from any reliability strategy/maintenance plan decisions
  • Resulting corrective actions manually actioned in CMMS
  • Asset health reporting is based solely on current asset condition

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Asset Strategy

Optimize asset strategies and generate maintenance plan master data for loading to CMMS. Generates lowest cost maintenance plans that manage risk and deliver required performance.

  • Managed by reliability engineers
  • Conducted for new projects
  • Initiated as a project for any existing facility
  • Standalone from asset condition monitoring
  • Standalone from work management
  • Maintenance plans created are loaded into CMMS via Excel file

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Work Execution

Manage the execution of maintenance work, including routine and emergent work. Tracks costs and work history.

  • Managed by planners
  • Maintenance plan master data can be changed with little oversight
  • Different sites have inconsistent maintenance plans on similar assets
  • Standalone from reliability strategy and condition monitoring, so difficult to improve plans, reduce costs, and understand risk

Integrated Asset Performance Management

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Steel industry

Building the foundations to maximize value from assets

Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) is always on, to protect you from catastrophic failures of critical assets.  However, site and plant operations are dynamic and ever-changing. To take control of asset performance, your asset strategies need to be dynamic.

As operating context changes – such as production levels, asset duties, asset condition and age, availability of materials – asset strategy should also change to manage risk, cost and performance. All too often, asset strategies don’t change, or worse - change in an unstructured way, exposing your organization to increased risk of catastrophic events and significant production impacts. If you want to see a step-change in asset performance, you need a dynamic data-driven approach to Asset Strategy Management (ASM).

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce Maintenance Costs

ASM significantly reduces spend on reactive maintenance, ensures assets are not over-maintained, and carry a lower risk with few accidents. It leads to an overall reduction in maintenance spend, and a more assured way to manage your maintenance budget.

Effectively Manage Risk

Effectively Manage Risk

When maintenance strategies are changed without approval or if maintenance intervals and tasks executed differ from your agreed strategy, you're exposed to significant risk. ASM minimizes risk through workflow management, where unstructured, unauthorized strategy changes and risk are eliminated.

Boost Asset Performance

Boost Asset Performance

ASM removes inconsistencies from asset strategies to ensure your assets are running at their full potential, enterprise-wide. With ASM, you can easily align your maintenance strategies to operational and service level targets and deliver bottom-line results.

Integrated APM for reliable asset performance

Balance risk, cost, and performance through the optimization of asset health, asset reliability strategies and plant protection.

Seamless Management of Asset Strategy and Health

Integrated APM: Seamless Management of Asset Strategy and Health

industrial factory

How to Make Integrated APM a Reality and Get the Most From Your Assets

Five Common Pitfalls of Traditional APM

5 Common Pitfalls of Traditional APM

Last Digital Mile

The Last Digital Mile: The Secret to Digital Transformation Success

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