Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Achieve long-term, secure, cost-effective CO2 storage

We understand the challenges you face with reservoir assessment and long-term storage and all of the elements in between.  Our technologies enable your CCS and transport systems to run with greater efficiency. We deliver a peace-of-mind CCS project without surprises. You can be confident the CO2 at your storage site is disposed of properly and cost effectively. Our commitment of secure storage is the basis for your outreach efforts.

The right technologies

We have the technologies for your geosequestration projects: characterization, well injection/monitoring design and construction, drilling, injection measurement, and CO2 monitoring/verification. We engineer secure storage with reliable evidence the CO2 will stay in the reservoir as you require. We’ll work with you to integrate existing and new data as the project unfolds. Our CCS professionals can design solutions to meet all of your CCS needs.


Reservoir Assessment

Our geomechanical models enable fluid flow prediction along faults and fractures with long-term evaluation of the fault/cap rock sealing ability.


CO2 Monitoring

We have comprehensive CO2 monitoring technologies and the expertise to solve your carbon storage challenges.


CO2 Capture and Transport

We can improve amine capture unit performance by controlling corrosion, fouling, and foaming.