CO2 Capture and Transport

Improve carbon capture and transport performance

We can improve amine capture unit performance by controlling corrosion, fouling, and foaming.  We also participate in the EERC capture consortia in evaluating and developing new carbon capture technology.

The CO2 capture process from coal-fired units presents unique purification challenges so CO2 can be transported and pumped downhole. This suboptimal carbon dioxide has contaminants that can cause metal corrosion and cement degradation if various impurities are not removed.

In many cases, these effects can be mitigated by our chemical technologies without processing the carbon dioxide to the very high purity standards that will be required if no other mitigation strategy is employed. We’d like to talk with you on this important matter.

Enhanced CO2 transport

Our technologies enhance the operation of pipelines used to transport CO2 from the capture point to the injection site.

We serve the pipeline industry with chemical treatments to control corrosion, scale, and other problems. Carbon dioxide can cause severe corrosion problems without the right corrosion inhibitor treatment program.

We also provide pipeline integrity services, including advanced in-line inspection, wireline tethered inspection, and cleaning services, as well as engineering services for designing and implementing pipeline integrity programs.