CO2 Monitoring

Eliminate unexpected injection events

We have comprehensive CO2 monitoring technologies and the expertise to apply them properly to specific carbon storage challenges.

Our permanent well-monitoring systems include electronic and fiber optic sensing technology to measure injection rates and well integrity. Our cased-hole logging services can evaluate well integrity and detect the escape of CO2 through leaks in casing and cement.

Combined with our knowledge of reservoir geomechanics, we can remotely monitor CO2 injection to ensure unexpected injection events do not occur. We can also predict the probability CO2 injectivity loss long before it happens.

Finally, the data that we receive from our active and passive monitoring devices are used to update the reservoir model for even more knowledge of the CO2 plume and reservoir storage capacity.

Intelligent Production Systems

Our intelligent production systems give you the insight and control you need to make confident decisions to increase ultimate recovery and reduce total cost of ownership.

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