Reservoir Assessment

Improve reservoir assessment

Our geomechanical models enable fluid flow prediction along faults and fractures with long-term evaluation of the fault/cap rock sealing ability during CO2 injection and storage. Our reservoir experts have many CO2 geomechanical models and reservoir assessments in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

As the project begins, the key challenge is understanding reservoir characteristics and assessing its suitability to inject CO2.  We’ll evaluate the potential of depleted oil and gas wells or saline aquifers to retain carbon dioxide.

We also do complex reservoir simulations to predict CO2. behavior in the subsurface.  This simulation is a powerful tool to predict CO2 behavior many years ahead to avoid unwanted interaction with other reservoirs and wells. We use this data for the optimum well drilling, completion, and injection tools to ensure safer, cost-effective carbon dioxide disposal.

Gaffney Cline Associates (GCA)