Enhance oilfield efficiency using local and global expertise

Our technology and local expertise—supported by a global knowledge base of lessons learned—maximize your deepwater performance. Our local infrastructure and logistics ensure we have the right equipment and people to keep your operations running efficiently. BEACON™ real-time remote collaboration platform enable a better approach to your project, no matter where you plan to drill.

Our directional drilling and formation evaluation services reduce rig time. We deliver your wells with substantially reduced technical and economic risk.

Our completions and sand control technology are improving well inflow performance and reducing the well footprint. Chemical injection treatments are helping to maintain the flow of waxy crudes found in Africa or inhibiting corrosion. Tool metallurgy can be appropriately designed to reduce overall cost.

Productivity index increases 8 to 10 times using reservoir remediation system

An operator called on us to remediate two highly damaged deepwater frac-pack production wells. Initially, the operator believed the principal damage mechanism was caused by asphaltenes in the near-wellbore area. A sequence of simple xylene washes was applied on one of the wells, which only reduced the productivity index (PI) further.

We believed the problems were associated with in-situ emulsions and recommended our MICRO-WASH™ remediation system to this frac-pack damaged well and also to a second well showing the same production behavior. Supported by our Aberdeen Balgownie Fluids Laboratory, the MICRO-WASH system combines customized, proprietary technology with application expertise to rapidly remediate damaged reservoirs, bringing your most valuable assets back into production.

Because the PI increased 150% on these wells, the operator has decided to use this proprietary mesophase technology to rapidly remediate other wells with low injection or production rates.

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