Reduce drilling days with real-time drilling optimization

In the Santos basin, an operator asked us to minimize downhole dynamics and reduce drilling days. Our CoPilot™ real-time drilling optimization service has proven repeatedly to be critical for BHA reliability and drilling parameter improvements. Understanding what's occurring downhole is vital to your success, and that’s what our CoPilot service is all about.

Using our AutoTrak™ X-treme rotary closed-loop system, we sidetracked from the pilot well in the 8 1/2-in. hole, built through a hard shale formation to 80 deg., and maintained inclination. We navigated into two reservoirs interbedded with shale and hard abrasive sandstone /concretions and maximized coverage.

Our collaborative approach with the operator resulted in successful navigation with full reservoir coverage. By reducing vibration in challenging lithologies, we enhanced performance with tool reliability and improved bit life. There was excellent wellbore quality and no failures. The operator saved 10 days from the planned 45 days, reducing drilling time 22% at an average rig rate of $250,000 per day.

CoPilot Real-Time Drilling Optimization Service

Our CoPilot™ real-time drilling optimization service delivers enhanced wellsite efficiency, reliability, and borehole quality.

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