Maximize ROI with improved drilling and production rates, and reduced intervention

Brazil’s emerging presalt play is uncovering large carbonate reserves deep below thick salt layers buried 6,600+ ft [2,000+ m] deep. Although the carbonate reservoir, the salt layer, and the water depth all represent major challenges to optimally drill, complete, and produce, the prize is massive. Our approach can help you optimize drilling and production while reducing intervention in these substantially challenging plays.

We’re leading the way there. We have significantly improved ROP in these slow-to-drill carbonates with our AutoTrak V™ drilling system, CoPilot™ real-time drilling optimization service and Quantec premium PDC bit-BHA combinations.

Optimized production decisions with greater reservoir knowledge

There are different reservoir targets with varying permeability, flow assurance issues because of paraffin deposition and hydrate, and scaling control issues.

Our Intelligent Production Systems give you the information and ability to make confident decisions that accelerate production, increase ultimate recovery, and reduce total cost of ownership. Selectively controlling the drawdown of each producing zone can prevent formation damage caused by sand fines movement, asphaltene precipitation, and scales.

We can change flow characteristics while minimizing intervention and associated cost, risk, and production downtime. This approach can add millions of dollars to a well’s NPV through accelerated production and ultimate recovery.

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