North Sea

Decrease cost in a challenging environment using innovative technology

Drilling 30,000 ft in the harshest weather and geological conditions isn’t easy and neither is developing the technology so you can actually do that. That’s when we’re at our best.

For the past 15 years, we’ve collaborated with a number of key operators to create some of the most advanced deepwater drilling technology, such as the jointly developed steerable drilling liner system. This system increases profitability and reduces risk in mature fields.

Partnering with Statoil, we deployed the world’s first rotary steerable liner while drilling system, which eliminates the need to pull the drillstring to run casing. The concept of a rotary steerable system that can accurately drill and log 3D well profiles with a liner attached directly to the drillstring is entirely new.

The system is designed to withstand high circulation rates and high torque loads while providing liner connect and disconnect capabilities. This system saves time and reduces drilling cost by minimizing the risk of borehole collapse and decreasing NPT. This system overcomes the challenges of drilling in zones with lower pressure and difficult shale/coal layers and in formations with varying flow and pressure regimes.

SureTrak Steerable Drilling Liner Service

Statoil and Baker Hughes Incorporated jointly developed the world’s first steerable liner while drilling systems, successfully tested from the Brage platform in the North Sea.

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