Enhanced Oil Recovery - EOR

Enhanced oil recovery — on your terms

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR), also referred to as tertiary recovery, can effectively double or triple the amount of oil produced from a mature field. Successful EOR projects increase both oil rates and ultimate recovery, and do so with a good rate of return. Baker Hughes can help you manage fluid flow and improve cash flow regardless of the type or scope of your EOR project.

Reducing uncertainty
Reducing risk and uncertainty in any EOR project is about identifying the most profitable approach, preventing information overload, and identifying and deploying the right technology at the right time. The key is knowing what is important — and what is not — as you plan your project.
Confidence that a project will generate incremental value comes from knowledge and insight based on both past successes and failures, and on an understanding of all aspects of the current project, from initial concept to the final drop of oil.

The more you know about your reservoir and its EOR opportunities and options, the more confident you will be in doing what you need - and just what you need - to achieve a positive outcome.  Baker Hughes reservoir evaluation and process monitoring capabilities coupled with our reservoir engineering and EOR field expertise are an ideal complement to your project de-risking plans.

Leveraging your options
Knowledgeable EOR experts at Baker Hughes can help you understand your IOR/EOR options and can work with you at any – or every – stage of your project to help ensure the best outcomes. With strength in thermal, miscible and microbial methods and special emphasis on chemical EOR and enhanced recovery for low-perm formations, we’re at the forefront of technology to wring every possible drop of oil from any type of formation.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Services

Our enhanced oil recovery (EOR) integrated chemical services are proven solutions for some of the most challenging production conditions.

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