Geothermal Energy

Reduce capital risk, lower well development cost, maximize production for geothermal energy

Baker Hughes’ commitment to sustainable energy began more than 40 years ago when we pioneered geothermal energy tools that are still in use today. We’ve now worked on 95% of all geothermal wells ever developed worldwide.

We’ll collaborate with you on a conventional hydrothermal project or an enhanced geothermal system (EGS) from exploration to rejuvenation. We’ll work with you to harness sustainable geothermal energy safer with less capital risk and well development cost for maximized production.

Reduce capital risk

Based on our extensive experience in geothermal operations, you can rely on us to lower your capital risk. We’re continuing to build on our expertise so you can maximize megawatt production. Besides our extensive portfolio of superior technology, we’re developing tools with new electronics and materials with higher-temperature tolerances at the Baker Hughes Houston Technology Center and our Celle Technology Center in Germany.

Lower well development cost

Stay with us to develop your conventional and enhanced geothermal projects economically. Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) applies our MohrFracs™ software to identify critically stressed, permeable fracture faults for optimal well location.

When you’re ready to begin geothermal drilling, our high-temperature PDC drill bits and Vanguard Tricone™ roller cone drill bits with its metal seal are the right choice. Our better-performing PYRO-DRILL™ drilling fluid has been successful in wells with bottomhole temperatures in excess of 600 deg. F [316 deg. C]. We also have nonrotating drilling systems that reduce wear and tear on tubing and casing, in addition to our Baker Hughes AutoTrak™ rotary closed-loop system for accurate horizontal drilling.

Maximize geothermal production

With our rugged, reliable Baker Hughes CENtigrade 880 ESPs, we’ll monitor your production to ensure safer, maximized recovery with minimum disruption. We can apply appropriate production chemistry to avoid scaling and corrosion with our capillary tubing. For wellbore remediation, our rigless coiled tubing and simulation software combat scale deposition with less time and cost than milling. A proprietary tool breaks up and removes deposits to restore production and profits.


Geothermal Energy R&D

We’re participating in multimillion-dollar-funded geothermal R&D with governments and universities in Europe and North America.

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