High Pressure/High Temperature

Optimize drilling operations with reliable HP/HT technology

When you have millions of dollars of technology below 25,000 ft [7,620 m] in a high-pressure, high-temperature well, you need tools that can withstand conditions greater than 300 deg. F [150 deg. C]. Baker Hughes is the dependable oilfield services company to optimize HP/HT drilling operations, avoiding nonproductive time.

Most tools aren’t reliable under these intense environments before reaching target depth. We have an extensive portfolio of HP/HT technology that performs as you expect. High-temperature drilling fluids, for example, are very dependable. Our wireline logging instruments acquire accurate data in applications up to 500 deg. F [260 deg. C] and 30,000 psi [206 MPa].

From roller cone drill bits and motors to MWD and telemetry, our experts work closely with you to customize performance packages and solutions. Work with us to reduce BHA failure risk, maintain stable drilling fluid properties, acquire critical formation evaluation data, complete the well reliably, and maintain production with minimal wellbore intervention.

Operator eliminates NPT

A Gulf of Mexico operator, working in a lower-tertiary formation, used a full suite of our high-pressure, high-temperature technology in an ultradeep well. After previous failures using other technology, the operator called on us for drilling and formation evaluation services in this tough environment.

We used our Nautilus Ultra™ suite of logging tools, which are rated to 30,000 psi [206.8 MPa] and 500 deg. F [260 deg. C]. Logging operations at depths greater than 27,000 ft [8,181 m] included acoustic, gamma-ray, density, and neutron logs.

We deployed the technology successfully and identified new hydrocarbon-bearing sand. We reentered an existing well, set a whipstock at 17,300 ft [5,273 m], and drilled more than 29,000 ft [8,839 m] MD.

The operator recorded zero NPT from our whipstock, drill bit, drilling fluids, and liner hanger operations, reducing rig time.


HP/HT Deep Gas

Our experts minimize your cost exposure to intense HP/HT environments to maximize deep gas production efficiently. Find and produce deep gas assets quicker and safer.


HP/HT Oil Sands

Increase bitumen recovery in producing wells with the Centrilift CENtigrade™ extreme and ultra-temperature ESP system. There’s an equivalent reduction in the steam-oil ratio.


HP/HT Geothermal

Our geothermal technology can save you millions of dollars by improving efficiency with reduced development cost. Ensure reliable performance for your renewable energy project.

Nautilus Ultra Suite

Our Nautilus Ultra™ suite of logging services is specifically tailored for reliable formation evaluation in challenging ultra HP/HT environments.

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