HP/HT Deep Gas

Locate and access HP/HT deep gas assets faster

You know about the high cost of high-pressure, high-tempture deep gas wells. Do you know our drilling and evaluation experts can minimize your cost exposure to intense HP/HT environments so you can maximize deep gas well production more efficiently? Let us collaborate with you to find and produce deep gas assets quicker and safer.

Our experts apply an extensive technology portfolio to customize solutions for any deep gas challenge. For your most demanding wells, we have a full suite of drilling technology, including Baker Hughes AutoTrak™ rotary closed-loop system, Navi-Drill™ positive displacement motors, MWD services, drilling fluids, and completions. 

And for dependable formation evaluation, our Deployment Risk Management™ process can produce a log acquisition strategy—with contingency plans—to ensure safer deployment and retrieval of wireline logging tools in HP/HT environments. Our monitoring systems enable us to pinpoint and steer to the most profitable zones. 

Operator accesses new reservoir

In a North Sea high-pressure, high-tempture development, an operator gained access to a previously inaccessible reservoir using one of our subsea completion designs. We drilled a high-angle well from a semisubmersible, the first time this type of well and rig were successful in the North Sea. Optimized efficiency and zero HSE incidents were two additional benchmarks in this record-setting project.

The operator’s objective was to drill, complete, and produce HP/HT standard and extended-reach wells with zero HSE incidents working on this gas-condensate reservoir project 150 miles [241 km] offshore Norway. Water depth is 1,115 ft [340 m] with a 380-deg. F [193-deg. C] bottomhole temperature and 13,195 psi [90.98 MPa] bottomhole pressure.

We chose Baker Hughes FLEX-LOCK™/ZXP™ screen/liner hanger, REALM™ tubing-retrievable subsurface safety control valves, SB-3™ completion packer, DAB barrier packer, and EOFH-ET slickline plugs for this job. The tool designs and procedures allowed the operator to produce wells that would not have been possible otherwise.

Hydraulic Liner Hangers

We have a variety of hydraulic-set liner hangers that give you more well design options in liner completions, particularly when corrosion-resistant alloy casing is involved.

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