HP/HT Geothermal

Minimize geothermal energy development cost

Baker Hughes geothermal technology can save you millions of dollars by improving efficiency, reducing development cost, and extending well life. Our products and services ensure reliable performance in high-temperature environments.

Our Integrated Operations offers total wellbore planning, construction, and management. This includes a detailed, prewell planning process to design a wellbore construction plan customized for your green energy project.

As part of an integrated preplanning process, Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services offers geomechanical, reservoir, and borehole stability analysis, ensuring a detailed wellbore construction program with maximum efficiency.

Geothermal operator saves more than $1 million

A California operator minimized geothermal well cost by using the Baker Hughes AutoTrak™ automated directional drilling service and Hughes Christensen MX and GX roller cone drill bits.

The objective was to reduce drilling days without sacrificing wellbore quality and accuracy. The operator had experienced wear on tools and bits, difficulty with vertical and directional control, high drag loads, and poor hole quality.

The well was drilled vertically in the 17.5-in. [444.5-mm] section using the AutoTrak™ V service which ensured a maximum inclination of 0.3 deg. The AutoTrak™ G3 service achieved a smooth kick and build section with a maximum dogleg of 1.9 deg. and 100 ft [10 m].

The combination of our drilling systems and roller cone bit technology increased ROP, allowing longer bit runs with no correction runs, decreasing time and cost. The operator saved 13 days in the 17.5-in [444.5-mm] section with a rig cost of $58,000 and saved 9 days in the 12.25-in. [311.1-mm] section with a rig cost of $53,000. Total saving was $1.3 million and 22 drilling days on this renewable energy project.