Mature Fields

Extend economic viability and maximize returns

The Challenge

Over time, production declines, operating costs increase, and cost per barrel goes up. In an effort to maintain economic production in your mature field, cost-cutting measures may be instituted, or production enhancement efforts may be implemented—or both.

Most often, these methods offer only a short-term remedy to the overall trajectory of decreasing profitability. Sooner or later, shutting in, divesting, or even abandoning the asset starts to seem like the only feasible path. However, in many cases, this decision is made too soon. Sometimes a second look, the right technologies and expertise, and a strategy centered on maximizing capital efficiency can make a
difference—extending the economic life of a mature asset beyond what was previously thought possible.

The Solution

The DeclineShift™ mature asset solution is based on the understanding that no two operating companies and no two mature assets are the same. That’s why, in building a solution for a particular asset,
Baker Hughes takes an individual approach, focusing specifically on your asset and your objectives.

The resulting fit-for-purpose solution offers minimal disruption, minimal downtime, minimal footprint—and maximum return.


DeclineShift Mature Asset Solution

Each DeclineShift™ mature asset solution delivers efficient use of capital, increased production, and prolonged economic recovery.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Maximize ROI without CAPEX commitment. Our temporary equipment packages allow you to determine if reservoir flooding responds as predicted before building a permanent facility.

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