DeclineShift Mature Asset Solution

Maximize capital efficiency and prolong economic production

Mature assets are characterized by progressively steeper production declines and increasing costs. But prolonging economic life requires more than simply increasing production or lowering OPEX.

The Baker Hughes DeclineShift™ mature asset solution helps to maximize capital efficiency by designing and executing precise, fit-for-purpose solutions—leveraging the right technologies, expertise, and flexibility—to minimize costs and operational impacts, and to deliver
maximum returns.

The DeclineShift solution is designed to help you get the most out of your investments through:

  • The conceptualization, design, and surgical execution of innovative production enhancement solutions that unlock your technical, operational, and economic challenges
  • A focus on making sure that every part of the solution serves a primary purpose: to maximize capital efficiency and returns

Every DeclineShift solution is founded on a close examination of the areas that—individually and collectively—have the greatest impact on your bottom line. This examination can range from individual well diagnostics to full-field analyses. Depending on your needs, this examination typically focuses on three primary challenges:

  • Optimizing production from existing wells
  • Maximizing production revenue
  • Increasing economically recoverable resources  

Optimize Well Stock

DeclineShift™ solutions optimize your well stock by transforming underperforming and idle assets into productive wells.


Maximize Production Revenue

DeclineShift™ solutions maximize your production revenue by optimizing hydrocarbon flow while minimizing downtime and costs.


Increase Economically Recoverable Reserves

DeclineShift™ solutions increase your economically recoverable reserves by accessing bypassed oil and extending field life.

Integrated Operations

Discover how to improve project economics and HSE performance with Integrated Operations.

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