Increase Economically Recoverable Reserves

Access bypassed oil and extend field life

Accessing additional hydrocarbons and proactively managing reservoir energy and fluid flows can improve recovery factors—increasing the total value of your asset.

Baker Hughes can help improve your reserves replacement ratio in developed fields by assessing and accessing bypassed oil. This starts by identifying and quantifying stranded hydrocarbons. Then, additional hydrocarbons can be accessed by either tapping new pay zones or optimizing displacement efficiency.

Extending field life is also possible by collaboratively applying sound reservoir management practices and advanced production technologies to your assets. Managing water and gas production, and/or monitoring and controlling reservoir performance enables you to increase total recoverable resources and maximize economic recovery.

Our approach: Re-assess the reservoir with advanced characterization technologies to improve management of recoverable resources.

Our solutions: DeclineShift bypassed oil solutions and DeclineShift extended life solutions.

See Additional Resources to learn how these solutions can shift the life of your mature asset beyond its current trajectory.

Reservoir Services

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) offers impartial advice that effectively supports you throughout the E&P life cycle for maximized asset value.

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