Maximize Production Revenue

Accelerate hydrocarbon recovery and reduce operating costs

Proactively managing production and facilities helps reduce operating costs and accelerate hydrocarbon recovery, while maximizing production volume and quality.

Better flow from the reservoir and through the pipeline means faster and greater production revenue. Baker Hughes helps optimize flow— from reservoir to refinery—by de-bottlenecking production chokes throughout the system. We can also eliminate flow constraints and increase flow efficiency using advanced chemical services, artificial lift technologies, and streamlined monitoring capabilities. And by applying water management techniques, Baker Hughes can help decontaminate returns and reduce handling costs.

Baker Hughes also focuses on minimizing downtime by thoroughly analyzing your asset to mitigate production of unwanted by-products (such as sand and scale), ensure the integrity of your asset, prolong equipment life, and/or intelligently monitor your flow channels.

Our approach: Prioritize operational improvements to enable effective holistic production management.

Our solutions: DeclineShift flow optimization solutions and DeclineShift minimize downtime solutions.

See Additional Resources to learn how these solutions can shift the life of your mature asset beyond its current trajectory.

Production Optimization

Our Production Optimization Services ensure top performance from new and mature production assets.

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