Optimize Well Stock

Transform underperforming and idle assets into productive wells

Transforming underperforming and idle assets into productive wells can quickly boost your output, thereby increasing the efficiency of your well stock—whether efforts are focused on just a few wells or your
entire portfolio.

It’s often possible to optimize production by rejuvenating existing wells. In this scenario, Baker Hughes addresses the root causes behind low performance by clearing and enhancing hydrocarbon pathways, boosting production volume and quality, and/or increasing
flow efficiency.

You can also boost cash flow without the capital expense and time required for new wells by reactivating shut-in wells. Baker Hughes can develop a plan to restore well integrity, remediate formation damage, and/or enhance lift efficiency and overall production. 

Our approach: Tactical selection of high-impact enhancements to accelerate production from existing well stock.
Our solutions: DeclineShift well rejuvenation solutions and DeclineShift well reactivation solutions.

See Additional Resources to learn how these solutions can shift the life of your mature asset beyond its current trajectory.

Well Completions

Industry-standard sealing and anchoring technologies, meticulous planning, and a no-nonsense approach to risk avoidance will maximize production, cut costs, and extend well life.

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