Sand Control

Maximize pay zone recovery using integrated sand control solutions

Baker Hughes sand control technology and service enable you to maximize sand-free production by first understanding the reservoir. Looking at the individual well characteristics, we develop solutions designed specifically for your reservoir.  

We determine the long-term challenges you can anticipate throughout the reservoir’s producing life. This greater reservoir knowledge and our field-proven expertise result in a more effective sand control program that enables reservoir connectivity, enhancement, and conductivity. This systems approach also achieves the highest ROI in carbonate, sandstone, dolomite, chalk formations, and other complex reservoirs.

You can rely on our global sand control teams, including the pressure pumping and stimulation groups, the Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services experts, and the field-proven skills of our sand control completion systems experts. This more efficient process reduces risk and NPT while optimizing pay zone recovery.


Reservoir Conductivity

Whether your pay zone requires perforating fracturing, stimulation, fluids, artificial lift systems, or gravel packing, we’ll work with you to maximize hydrocarbon conductivity.


Reservoir Connectivity

Let us collaborate with you to determine the optimal completion system that connects the wellbore to the pay zone.


Reservoir Enhancement

We offer maximum sand exclusion while delaying gas or water coning for enhanced reservoir recovery.


Reservoir Expertise and Evaluation Services

Every sand control project must begin with proper reservoir understanding to maximize production. Working with you, we identify the most effective sand control methods.

Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risks of sand production.

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