Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Ensure operational excellence in unconsolidated formations at less risk

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risk of sand production. Specialized sand control completion practices for soft formation wells allow you to produce hydrocarbons without formation sand.

The EQUALIZER™ flow regulation system combines EXCLUDER2000™ premium screen technology for superior sand control and a unique inflow-control device that extends well longevity by delaying water or gas coning in long horizontal wells. By greatly reduce annular flow, you can increase sand control further.

Fluid pumping services

Our soft-formation sand-fracturing and frac-fluid technologies; high-performance stimulation vessels; and modular, skid-mounted pumping and blending equipment give you versatile choices for demanding completions onshore or offshore. Complementing our fracturing pumping capability are downhole fracturing tools, premium and standard screens, fluid loss control valves, perforating systems, accessories, and service.

Sand control tools and systems

Gravel pack tools reduce completion time and expense. You can gravel pack or frac pack multiple intervals in a single trip while maintaining positive zonal isolation during treatment. Our systems are ideal for cased-hole, multiple-zone, and openhole completions. Fluid-loss control devices offer highly effective options for preventing fluid loss in well completions.

Screen systems

In wells with severe doglegs, high deviation exits, or wells exhibiting extremely tortuous well paths, field-proven EXCLUDER2000™ screen technology survives the harshest conditions.

The EXPress™ premium expandable screen is well suited for openhole sand control completions, including large-ID completions and completions requiring zone isolation.

The SLIM-PAK™ screen offers more formation-sand retention than a wire-wrap screen at lower cost than a premium screen. Get maximum protection against erosion in high-risk, cased-hole gravel packs and electrical submersible pump completions.

The EQUALIZER™ screen is ideal for long horizontal wells where there’s a significant difference in drawdown from the heel of the well to the toe or when water and gas is in close proximity to the wellbore.

The BAKERWELD™ wire-wrap screen is an economical screen solution used most often with gravel-packed completions. Widely used in completions range from extreme HP/HT wells to simple water wells.

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EQUALIZER Sand and Inflow Control Technology

Optimize production and delay water or gas coning in long, low-drawdown, high-rate horizontal wells. Ensure a uniform production profile.


Sand Control Pumping Services

Our sand control pumping services maximizes production by creating the optimal frac-pack design to effectively connect the wellbore to the reservoir.


Sand Control Packers

Reliable, flexible sand control packers are easy to install and retrieve. Some models can be converted to a temporary bridge plug or used as a completion packer in HP/HT wells.


Sand Control Screen Systems

The industry’s most sand control experience and a broad array of the highest-performance sand control screens extend well life and reduce intervention cost.


Gravel and Frac Pack Systems

High-performance cased- and openhole completions for frac-pack sand-control applications handle extreme fluid velocities and high proppant volumes and maintain openhole stability.


Downhole Reservoir Control Devices

We have the industry’s widest range of proven options for preventing fluid loss in well completions.


GeoFORM Conformable Sand Management System

Mitigate workover risk by reducing plugging or sand control loss with the economic alternative to traditional gravel packing.

Artificial Lift

Our ESPs and PCPs are the best performing and most reliable artificial lift solutions for a wide range of oilfield and industrial applications.

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