Reservoir Connectivity

Optimize the pay zone with accurate reservoir connectivity

Let us collaborate with you to determine the optimal completion system that connects the wellbore to the pay zone. Our field-proven technology perforates, protects, and treats your wells so you achieve the most cost-effective and highest production possible.


Using technology that includes perforating systems, wrap-on-pipe and expandable screens, gravel- and frac-pack systems, and fines migration control, we offer safer and more effective access even in the most complex environments.

We can perforate in deviated or underbalanced wellbores and in long intervals with our tubing-conveyed perforating systems, which offer greater versatility than wireline perforating. From our advanced shape-memory polymer technology and frac-packing services that save you even more time and money to our range of downhole screens, we ensure optimal reservoir connection.



Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Improve reservoir connectivity to maximize production. Future stimulation treatments are more effective at reduced cost.


Sand Control Screen Systems

The industry’s most sand control experience and a broad array of the highest-performance sand control screens extend well life and reduce intervention cost.


Gravel and Frac Pack Systems

High-performance cased- and openhole completions for frac-pack sand-control applications handle extreme fluid velocities and high proppant volumes and maintain openhole stability.


EQUALIZER Sand and Inflow Control Technology

Optimize production and delay water or gas coning in long, low-drawdown, high-rate horizontal wells. Ensure a uniform production profile.


Sand Control Pumping Services

Our sand control pumping services maximizes production by creating the optimal frac-pack design to effectively connect the wellbore to the reservoir.

GeoFORM Conformable Sand Management System

Mitigate workover risk by reducing plugging or sand control loss with the economic alternative to traditional gravel packing.

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