Sand Control Pumping Services

Maximize pay zone productivity

Baker Hughes sand control pumping services maximizes production by creating the optimal frac-pack design to effectively connect the wellbore to the reservoir. With a better approach to reservoir and sand management, these well completions services prevent sanding and extend well life.

We offer a full range of offshore and land-based sand control pressure pumping services, including frac-pack, gravel-pack, acidizing, and remedial stimulation treatments for production optimization.

The frac-pack stimulation pumping treatments create highly conductive fractures, ensuring the highest level of connectivity with the reservoir. These treatments also increase reservoir conductivity. Our sand control methods with proven results ensure higher ROI.

We offer a full suite of specialty chemicals that enhance fluid recovery, fixate migrating fines, and minimize proppant pack and formation damage for the best possible treatment results that shorten well turnaround time. The net result is enhanced hydrocarbon production or increased water injection rates, decreased production drawdown or injection pressure, and minimized sand control problems.

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Blue Tarpon Deepwater Stimulation Vessel

The Baker Hughes Blue Tarpon™ DP Class 2 stimulation vessel performs multiple well treatments in one voyage in deepwater, multiple-zone, high-pressure, high-volume applications.


ConFINE Fines Fixing Agent

Ensure higher long-term production by preventing fines migration to the near wellbore area. This nanoparticle technology maintains gravel and proppant permeability.


StimFORCE Modular Stimulation System

The Baker Hughes StimFORCE™ modular stimulation system is a cost-effective and operationally flexible pumping package designed for offshore and inland water pumping projects.


Well Stimulation Vessels

Our vessels provide operators with the highest level of reliability and reduce operational risks associated with pumping high-rate and high-volume fracturing treatments.

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