Gravel and Frac Pack Systems

Keep your well producing longer

Our high-performance cased- and openhole completions for frac-pack sand- control applications reliably handle extreme fluid velocities and high proppant volumes and maintain openhole stability.

Cased-hole completions

The CK FRAQ™ high-performance, cased-hole completion system is for frac-pack sand-control applications. The downhole tool components are engineered specifically for extreme fluid velocities and high proppant volumes.

Two powerful computer tools maximize system performance: XOTLive™ job planning and execution software accurately predicts the FRAQ™ port operating envelope for specific treatment designs.

The XOTMove™ crossover tool movement program is used to determine tool behavior and requirements for successful job execution using specific well parameters and treatment designs.

The PERF-FRAQ™ high-performance, one-trip perforating-and-frac-packing completion system is optimized for advanced sand control technologies. The system reduces completion time and expense, minimizes formation exposure to fluid damage, and enhances well control. The system maintains the same high-performance ratings and features as the standard CK FRAQ system.

The PERF-FRAQ system comprises our tubing-conveyed perforating gun assembly, the Model SC-LP™ double-grip packer, one of our screen and liner assemblies, and the CK FRAQ tool assembly with an additional closed-port hydraulic setting tool. The packer functions as a perforating and sump packer requiring no rotation.

Multizone completions

The MZ FRAQ multizone, one-trip frac pack system enables gravel packing or frac packing of multiple productive intervals in a single trip. Combined with the CK FRAQ system, it meets the demanding requirements of high-rate gel frac packs. The system offers positive zonal isolation so only the selected interval is exposed to treatment fluids and pressure. The system also has a fluid-loss control device. When closed, the formation is protected from fluid loss caused by service tools that are being pulled from the well.

The MZ™ multizone gravel pack one-trip system is optimized to gravel pack or frac pack multiple intervals with a single trip into the wellbore while maintaining positive zonal isolation during the treatment process.

Openhole completions

The Model CS-300™ openhole gravel pack system for openhole gravel pack completions ensures hole stability is maintained during screen deployment, packer setting, and gravel packing. It maintains hydrostatic pressure on the filter cake at all times. When you require acid or inflating external-casing packers immediately following an openhole gravel pack, the standard Model CS crossover tool can be replaced with the Model CS-AP crossover tool.

The PZM™ sand control system is used to manage the pay zone with fiber-optic monitoring or chemical treating capabilities for openhole and cased-hole applications. The system’s Re-Connect Anchor allows for control-line conduits after the gravel packing. The Hi-Flow Liner offers protection in openhole applications. In cased-hole applications, the Hi-Flow Liner can be omitted from the assembly. Multiple chemical injection nodes and zone isolation also are available when needed for openhole and cased-hole applications.


SC-XP Gravel- and Frac-Packing System

Our system offers faster conveyance rates, higher bottomhole temperature, and a higher production rating than existing sand control systems in extreme environments.


PERF-FRAQ Perforating and Frac-Packing System

The PERF-FRAQ™ system combines the TCP gun and the CK FRAQ™ frac-packing systems to create a high performance, one-trip, perforating and frac-pack sandface completion system.


TORRENT Multizone Single-Trip System

Our multizone, single-trip (MST) completion system delivers selective frac or gravel pack treatments to multiple zones in one trip to maximize oil and gas recovery and reduce risk.


TORRENT Gravel- and Frac-Pack Solutions

TORRENT™ gravel- and frac pack solutions offer a holistic approach to sand control to increase reliability, minimize intervention costs, and optimize long-term production.


DEEPFRAC Deepwater Multistage Fracturing Service

The DEEPFRAC™ deepwater multistage fracturing service cuts completion times and enables stimulation of 20+ stages in a single trip to minimize OPEX and maximize reservoir contact.

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