Sand Control Screen Systems

Reduce intervention cost and extend well life

We provide a complete line of quality sand control screen systems to match any requirement, including cased and open hole, standalone, gravel pack and frac pack applications.

EXCLUDER2000™ screen technology is designed for long horizontal wells, open hole completions and high flow-rate producers and injectors. The EXCLUDER2000 system provides two layers of filtration: premium wire weave screen with mesh sized to match formation sand sizes, and durable BAKERWELD wire wrap screen for secondary sand control. A protective shroud ensures screen integrity during installation through tight doglegs, high deviation exits, or wells with tortuous well paths.  With a large inflow area, the EXCLUDER2000 screen resists plugging and erosion and ensures a long productive life.

EXCLUDER2000 screen can be incorporated with EQUALIZER inflow control technology in a system that equalizes flow over the length of horizontal wells to maximize hydrocarbon recovery while also controlling sand production.

BakerWrapXP™ screen is designed for challenging well conditions where high-rate cleanup is performed to remove debris. Premium mesh screens do not perform as well in this application. BakerWrapXP screen also performs well in other applications where premium mesh screens are not suitable for the well environment.

BakerWrapXP screen is a premium wrap-on-pipe sand control screen with high-precision wire directly wrapped on the base pipe. The screen’s unique construction results in torque and bend ratings equal to that of the base pipe. It holds gauge over the length of the jacket with 80% +/- 0.001 in. [+/-25μ] and 99% +/- 0.002 in. [+/- 50μ].

The BakerWrapXP screen can be incorporated with EQUALIZER inflow control technology in a system that equalizes flow over the length of horizontal wells to maximize hydrocarbon recovery while also controlling sand production.

BAKERWELD™ screen is a simple, reliable, and effective tool for preventing gravel-pack sand from entering the tubulars while allowing production fluid to flow into the well. The screen can be used in oil, gas, waterflood, steamflood, water, and disposal wells. The wire-wrap design has almost 10 times more inflow area than slotted pipe of the same opening size, increasing well longevity. BAKERWELD screens are constructed with keystone-shaped wire, which creates a self-cleaning action for greater flow and less chance of plugging.

BAKERWELD Selectaflow™ II screen offers effective screen isolation for a number of sand control applications. It is constructed using a BAKERWELD™ screen jacket, base pipe, and our high-performance, nonelastomeric SLCM™ isolation valve. When used in conjunction with gravel packing, the SLCM valve controls flow through the individual screen joints to enable zones to be opened or closed for selective production.  Greater isolation can be achieved by placing packers between gravel packed zones. To control fluid loss after a gravel pack, a shifting tool can be used at the bottom of the washpipe to close the SLCM isolation valve as the washpipe is pulled out of the screen.

The EXPress™ screen premium downhole sand exclusion device can be expanded outward to the wellbore or casing. It combines the filtration of EXCLUDER™ screen with the annular flow reduction, hole stability, and large inside diameter provided by screen expansion.

The EXPress screen is the best solution for gravel pack and standalone screen applications where production longevity is the highest priority. It has superior sand retention and mechanical properties with reduced annular flow. The EXPress system’s reliable expansion system operates independently of pipe weight.

SLIM-PAK™ screen provides the sand exclusion of prepacked screen without sacrificing critical OD or ID dimensions. The screen comprises a wire cloth wrapped around a perforated base pipe, a precured layer of Baker Bond™ resin-coated proppant, and a BAKERWELD™ screen jacket welded to a perforated base pipe. The surfaced-cured Baker Bond layer offers maximum permeability and compressive strength to properly inhibit formation sand production through annular pack imperfections. The SLIM-PAK screen system increases the reliability of gravel-pack or frac-pack completions, especially in applications where gravel placement is difficult.

The DIRECT PAK™ alternative path screen is designed for use in high-rate frac-pack completions in cased or open hole using normal slurry compositions and pumping methods. It is especially suited for wells with low frac gradients where high-rate fracs are needed and where precise gravel/proppant placement is a concern. Ruggedly constructed on the EXCLUDER2000™ screen, DIRECT PAK technology enables sand/proppant slurry to be transported directly to an area void of slurry, despite possible restrictions to flow in the annulus between the screen and the casing or borehole.


  • Unconsolidated formations
  • Offshore wells
  • Deepwater
  • Horizontal wells
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