Reservoir Enhancement

Enhance reservoir recovery by preventing sand control problems

Baker Hughes EQUALIZER™ inflow control device and other sand control screens offer maximum sand exclusion while delaying gas or water coning for enhanced reservoir recovery. Stimulation services—such as fluids and pumping—improve production or water injection rates, decrease drawdown, and eliminate sand problems.


Our sand control systems extend wellbore life up to eight times that of a standard conventional screen. In wells with severe doglegs or high deviation exits, or wells exhibiting extremely tortuous well paths, our systems offer built-in protection proven to survive the harshest conditions.

Our stimulation vessels offer, as-needed, gravel-packing and acid stimulation pumping services with multiple well completions in a single trip. And Baker Hughes ConFINE™ fines migration control additive extends well life. You can capture fines away from the near wellbore area to prevent plugging, erosion, and clogging of surface facilities.



EQUALIZER Sand and Inflow Control Technology

Optimize production and delay water or gas coning in long, low-drawdown, high-rate horizontal wells. Ensure a uniform production profile.


Sand Control Screen Systems

The industry’s most sand control experience and a broad array of the highest-performance sand control screens extend well life and reduce intervention cost.


Sand Control Pumping Services

Our sand control pumping services maximizes production by creating the optimal frac-pack design to effectively connect the wellbore to the reservoir.


Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Improve reservoir connectivity to maximize production. Future stimulation treatments are more effective at reduced cost.

Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risks of sand production.

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