EQUALIZER Sand and Inflow Control Technology

Optimize production with superior sand control in long horizontal wells

Our EQUALIZER™ reservoir drainage system integrates the EXCLUDER2000™ premium well screen and a specially designed inflow-control device (ICD) that optimizes production and delays water or gas coning in long, low-drawdown, high-rate horizontal wells.

The system balances longitudinal inflow along the entire wellbore length to ensure a uniform production profile; this greatly reduces annular flow by controlling the resistance to flow for each screen.

The system, which can be used in a wide range of reservoirs and operating environments, is available in numerous metallurgies and micron ratings. A BAKERWELD™ inner jacket adds proven durability when encountering high differential pressures and offer secondary formation control.

The inflow control device is constructed of a unique helical flow channel that imposes a pressure distribution along the entire wellbore length. This controls the local production rate through each individual screen along the wellbore as a function of the average drawdown pressure and the average productivity of the well. The highly reliable ICD has no moving parts or elastomer seals.

With computer modeling, configure the system with a precise combination of cross-sectional area and channel length for optimal pressure drop versus flow rate characteristics. This balances well inflow, based on a particular set of information data.

Often the well characteristics change from initial flow input used to select the desired ICD. The EQUALIZER system acts as a self-governing device that compensates for flow-rate changes.

For consolidated formations, the EQUALIZER CF system optimizes flow control from or to the wellbore, virtually eliminating problems associated with uneven inflow or injection. This is a unique solution for production or injection wells with unbalanced flow profiles in consolidated formations.

Computer modeling, verified through physical testing, is used to configure the device with the optimum flow characteristics for each well application. This yields the maximum production from the reservoir without water coning and provides even fluid sweep for injectors.

In long interval injection wells, EQUALIZER CF ensures equal distribution of injection fluid to the formation. In applications along the wellbore, this technology evenly distributes fluids in matrix acidizing and scale treatments. And for long interval producing wells, this balances the inflow to prevent early water production because of water coning. This can be used with MPas™ packers to alleviate water production through natural fractures and highly permeable sections of horizontal laterals

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