Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Achieve maximum production using efficient completion solutions

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Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems
Enhance production from consistent performance

Our tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) services perforate long intervals in simple-to-the-most- challenging environments with excellent cleanup. This more efficient approach improves reservoir connectivity, maximizing production. Future stimulation treatments are more effective and less costly. 

With 30 years of TCP success, we continue to introduce new technologies. Our experts use industry-recognized prediction software and our flow lab to select and confirm the right cleanup solution for your job.

In challenging applications, such as extended-reach horizontal and high-angle wells, our TCP solutions control cost and minimize NPT. In deepwater, our fluid-loss management solutions for unconsolidated formations reduce rig time. Also for deepwater, we offer high-pressure systems, as well as shock prediction and mitigation to reduce risk and NPT.

In high-rate gas wells, our high-shot density perforators maximize production from the formation and our gun-anchoring systems for monobore completions enable maximum operating efficiency.

In unconventional gas plays, our TCP suite also can be used with coiled-tubing conveyance for stage-frac applications.

Extended-length,  multizone TCP job saves operator $2.7 million

An IOC working in Asia asked us to deliver an efficient multizone perforating program to support a gravel-pack completion.

The challenges of this job included managing the risk of gun shock and the unintentional dynamic underbalance associated with deploying over 1,400 ft [427 m] of 7-in. 12 SPF gun string.

Our PulsFrac™ modeling software determined the dynamic shock-loading and underbalance potential that could occur during a perforating event. Next, we modified the BHA to mitigate the potential risk factors.

Our TCP team deployed the high-shot density, shoot-and-pull system. All zones were successfully perforated in a single trip, with zero NPT, zero HSE issues, zero sand influx, and zero equipment damage. High-speed gauge data matched the planning-stage prediction model.

Our prejob planning and flawless execution saved the operator approximately 6 days of rig time at an estimated $450,000 per day.


Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Our Perforating Technology Center houses comprehensive R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing resources, and a perforating flow laboratory.


Perforating Charges

Our perforating charges are engineered for specific completion requirements. They come in a wide range of gun sizes, shot density, shot-phasing options and temperature ratings.


Dynamic Underbalance Optimization (DUO) Service

DUO™ optimizes flow efficiency of the perforated completion by removing the crush zone in the perforating tunnel, leading to a cleaner connection to your reservoir.


StimGun Propellant-Assisted Perforating System

Our StimGun™ propellant stimulation products dynamically clean and stimulate the near-wellbore area.



Our PulsFrac™ software calculates dynamic wellbore behavior, flow, and fracturing triggered by energetic sources such as perforating charges and propellant burn.


Live-Well and Advanced Deployment Systems

Our live-well deployment systems deploy and retrieve perforating guns without the need to kill the well after perforating.


Horizontal Oriented Perforating System (HOPS)

Our Horizontal Oriented Perforating System(HOPS™) allows long intervals to be perforated in the correct orientation in deviated and horizontal wellbores.


Debris Management Systems

Debris management systems greatly reduce total debris generated and make remaining debris easily treatable. Your cleaner perforations and wellbores lead to a more productive well.


UltraConnect 35K HPHT Perforating System

The Baker Hughes UltraConnect 35K HPHT perforating system performs reliably in downhole pressures up to 35,000 psi, enabling operators to reach previously inaccessible reservoirs.


Extreme DST Combination Valve

The extreme DST combination valve provides accurate shut-in data, can be used to prevent fluid loss, and enhances production through dynamic underbalance operations.


FracConnect Perforating Gun

The FracConnect™ well perforating gun uses a unique perforation pattern to improve treatments and overall drainage for better production and recovery potential in unconventional wells.

Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

We engineer and build perforating systems that perform as you expect every time.

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