Reservoir Expertise and Evaluation Services

Understand the reservoir to solve sand control issues

Because each reservoir is different, we design sand control solutions specifically for your wellbore. Before selecting the best approach, each sand control project must begin with the proper reservoir understanding.

Working with you, our reservoir consultants define specific formation characteristics so they can identify the most effective sand control methods that connect to and drain the reservoir. You’ll know why we’re choosing the specific tools and services. You can rely on our field-proven expertise to maximize production.

Our proprietary software applications enable us to model and analyze reservoir data and determine extremely accurate, practical sand control solutions, based on our R&D and technical support. We work with you to determine the most productive zones and guide the selection of the optimal completion technology. This is essential to getting the most out of the reservoir at the lowest cost.



Reservoir Services

Baker Hughes Reservoir Development Services (RDS) offers impartial advice that effectively supports you throughout the E&P life cycle for maximized asset value.

Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

Our field-proven sand control solutions reduce the serious economic and safety risks of sand production.

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