Transportation and Storage

Optimize hydrocarbon transport and storage

Besides having world-class products and services for the extraction of hydrocarbon resources, we also have technology for optimizing the transportation and storage of hydrocarbons. This expertise ensures natural gas and other hydrocarbons are transported efficiently from the production site to the end user.  

The Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services product line can address your pipeline inspection, pipeline cleaning, hydrotest, direct assessment, and integrity data management needs. The combined services offer you an integrated approach to pipeline regulatory compliance and integrity management.

We can help you design and construct underground wells to store natural gas and other hydrocarbons. We have a fully integrated suite of tools and services for all aspects of gas storage; this technology also supports reservoir assessment, design/drilling/completion of the well, and long-term monitoring to ensure accurate gas evaluation and monitoring.


Underground Gas Storage (UGS)

Our product and service portfolio can manage most technology requirements for UGS applications. We offer superior wellbore construction services.


Pipeline Services

Our pipeline services improve product-to-market capabilities, including pipeline integrity.

FLO Pipeline Drag Reducers

Baker Hughes FLO™ drag reducers reduce friction in pipelines carrying crude oil, refined products, water, and multiphase liquids

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