Underground Gas Storage (UGS)

Ensure robust, long-life UGS wells

Our product and service portfolio can manage most technology requirements for UGS applications. We offer superior wellbore construction services. Our proven track record of robust completions withstands cyclic loading and minimizes workovers.

We’re the only service company with expandable screen success in UGS. Our expertise in multivane electrical submersible pump stages can manage high volumes of gas while pumping liquids.

To ensure your project is financially viable, site preparation, maintenance costs, deliverability rates, and cycling capacity must all be aligned. Having a profitable site operation depends on capacity and deliverability rate. In other words, the more natural gas injected or withdrawn, the higher the economies of scale. Flexibility and the ability to react to short-term price signals require reasonable deliverability.

We understand UGS technology differs in the physical and economic characteristics of the storage sites. Deliverability rate, porosity, permeability, retention, and capability of a site are the main requirements of each storage type.

Subsurface Safety Systems

Our self-equalizing, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves reduce risk and increase profit compared with completions using nonequalizing valves.

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