Unconventional Hydrocarbons

Enhance reservoir value

You have unique unconventional play challenges. We have unique unconventional play solutions. 

A transformation of the world’s natural gas supplies is underway. What started in North America’s San Juan basin over a decade ago with low-cost coalbed methane followed by tight gas plays in western Wyoming now has become an emergence of gas shales in the Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Woodford plays. This transformational shift in the worldwide pursuit of gas shales and unconventional gas is quickly moving to Australia, China, and Europe.

For these intriguing plays, we offer reliable technology and operational excellence with the global experience you need for greater unconventional hydrocarbon success. This is just one of the environments where we enhance value every day.

We know there’s more to gas resources than shale. In heavy oil and oil sands, shale oil, shale gas, tight gas, or coalbed methane, we have the integrated reservoir characterization, stimulation, downhole reservoir monitoring, production enhancement, and basin expertise to optimize your unconventional asset.


Heavy Oil

Maximize heavy oil asset value through the project life cycle with a fully integrated selection of tools and services.


Tight Gas

We have a fully integrated range of tools and services to speed development of and maximize the return on your tight gas assets throughout the life cycle.


Coalbed Methane

We’ve been an integral part of coalbed methane (CBM) development from the early days of this work in the Rocky Mountains.


Shale Gas and Oil

There is more to achieving an economic shale play than just finding the sweet spot and unlocking it. We apply technology, reservoir insight, and experience to generate greater ROI.


Baker Hughes and CGG Shale Science Alliance

Baker Hughes and CGG are collaborating to deliver the richest reservoir data acquisition, analysis, interpretation and modeling across the entire shale development value chain.


NextWave Production Rejuvenation Solution

The Baker Hughes NextWave™ production rejuvenation solution provides operators with a more sustainable approach to maximizing value from existing shale wells—quickly, efficiently, and economically.


FracFit Fracturing Optimization Solution

The Baker Hughes FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution gathers and analyzes the right data to quickly and efficiently optimize unconventional well completions and stimulations.