Baker Hughes and CGG Shale Science Alliance

Improve your unconventional reservoir understanding and the return on your shale investment …at every stage from exploration to production

Oil and gas from unconventional reservoirs has changed the landscape of global energy markets.

Shale resource plays are abundant,continuous over large areas, and largely geologically derisked, but they are NOT homogenous. 

These complex formations require a comprehensive understanding of reservoir attributes and geomechanics and stress regimes. The more that is known about shale reservoirs, the more productive and profitable they will be. Withregional, field, and wellbore-level understanding of the reservoir, operators can:

  • Exploit the sweet spots in the reservoir
  • Properly place the wellbore
  • Choose the most effective completion design
  • Design an optimized fracturing program

Baker Hughes and CGG are partnering with customers to deliver cost effective reservoir data sets, analysis, interpretation and modeling across your shale development value chain.

According to recent industry surveys, more than 70% of operators say they don’t know enough about the subsurface. Published estimates from industry studies indicate that approximately 70% of unconventional wells in the U.S. do not meet production targets and 60% of fracture stages are not productive. With average well costs in the range of USD 6-8 million, these underperforming wells are decretive to shale development project economics.

The combined portfolio of Baker Hughes and CGG delivers an unmatched level of clarity and understanding of the key reservoir properties, including productivity, resource in place, and exploitation potential. With the Baker Hughes and CGG alliance, operators can:

  • Increase production and ultimate reserve recovery
  • Reduce exploration and development risks
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve the financial performance of assets

Develop your shale reservoirs with confidence

You can continuously improve your reservoir understanding—and your profitability—with the comprehensive portfolio of Baker Hughes and CGG. For more information contact your Baker Hughes or CGG representative.


Precisely place fracture stages and perforations

Characterize the lateral of each well to optimize placement and spacing of fracture stages and perforation clusters.


Microseismic monitoring during fracturing

Continuously refine your operational knowledge for more effective frac performance every time you operate.


Identify Reservoir Sweet Spots

The Baker Hughes and CGG alliance gives operators an all-inclusive suite of services and technology to mitigate risk and maximize results.

Subsurface Modeling

Quickly build and update complex reservoir models accurately. With our geomechanic and hydraulic fracturing software, we build targeted workflows for unconventional plays.

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