Identify Reservoir Sweet Spots

Identify the best unconventional drilling locations within your shale play

It is critical to understand the areas with the highest production potential during the appraisal phase to ensure access to the best acreage and pinpointing the best drilling locations within that acreage.

The Baker Hughes and CGG alliance provides operators an all-inclusive tool box of services and technology to mitigate risk and maximize results. By integrating CGG calibrated basin- and far-field-level 3D seismic, potential-field, and geological data with Baker Hughes mineralogy, lithology, rock strength (brittleness), lithofacies and fracture orientation and density data derived from logging-while-drilling (LWD), coring, or wireline logging data, operators get essential base-line reservoir characterization and production forecasting.

This complementary data set provides the foundation for a combined geological and geophysical interpretation, multi-attribute reservoir characterization, an integrated shale workflow, and subsequently a comprehensive reservoir model, built in the Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ reservoir modeling software. Based on the of the model output, Baker Hughes and CGG collaborate with clients to:

  • Identify the  most prospective leases
  • Assess resource in place and exploitation potential
  • Model preliminary petroleum economics and valuation
Know Your Reservoir, Improve Your Economics

Develop your shale reservoirs with confidence

You can continuously improve your reservoir understanding—and your profitability—with the comprehensive portfolio of Baker Hughes and CGG. For more information contact your Baker Hughes or CGG representative.

Subsurface Modeling

Quickly build and update complex reservoir models accurately. With our geomechanic and hydraulic fracturing software, we build targeted workflows for unconventional plays.

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