Coalbed Methane

Efficient, cost-effective coalbed methane recovery

We’ve been an integral part of coalbed methane (CBM) development from the early days of this work in the Rocky Mountains.  In the US, approximately 10% of the extracted natural gas is derived from coalbed seams. Now, we’re also working with CBM developers in China, Russia, and Europe.

One of the major challenges is finding cost-effective dewatering systems that are necessary to release natural gas from coal seams while enduring the abrasive environment created from the heavy solids. Our specially manufactured high-capacity pumps have been designed with intake systems that limit the amount of fine particulates that could damage the pump’s technology. We’ve delivered 2,500 of these pumps just to the Powder River Basin in the northwest US. 

Our completions technology for vertical and horizontal systems are particularly adept at keeping fine particles under control and away from downhole pumps, which could become overloaded with these particles. 

We’re also using our drill bits and downhole chemicals in CBM wells.

Since the appropriate treatment and disposition of produced water is key to CBM economics, our water management systems have also been able to add value by treating water at the surface for reinjection.

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