FracFit Fracturing Optimization Solution

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Improve ultimate recovery with maximum efficiency

Unconventional plays have typically been developed quickly and methodically, giving rise to the term “factory drilling.” But this "factory" or geometric approach to fracturing design overlooks the particularities of each formation and can render 30% of perforation clusters ineffective.

Even a limited dataset—if it’s the right dataset—can make a significant impact on your completion and stimulation programs.

With a Baker Hughes FracFit™ fracturing optimization solution, you benefit from a “less is more” approach that recognizes significant performance improvements can be achieved without an abundance of data points.

When you choose a FracFit solution, we’ll: 

  • Identify and collect the most-critical, most-impactful reservoir data
  • Design and help you execute a more-efficient, more-effective stimulation design
  • Minimize project risks and maximize your ROI.

The key is having the right data to truly make informed, actionable decisions. And you need to gather it quickly and efficiently.

Because, with a FracFit solution delivering the right data, you can:

  • Target and stimulate the most productive zones
  • Identify and avoid potential geohazards such as water production from nearby aquifers
  • Reduce uncertainty and operational risks like unexpected high treating pressures and screenouts
  • Right-size completion spend and stimulation programs

The recommended solution may consist of advanced mud logging, LWD, or cased-hole wireline logging, including deep-shear wave measurements capable of characterizing far-field geofeatures. Each of these can work to develop a deep understanding of the reservoir, from which an optimized design is created.


  • Unconventional well completions and stimulations
  • Pre-drilling wells
  • Inventory wells

Contact us today to find out how we’ll customize each FracFit fracturing optimization solution to match your reservoir, your well, your budget, and your production goals. 

Advanced Gas Analysis

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