Heavy Oil

Maximize heavy oil return on investment

Understand your reservoir’s potential

With experience in heavy oil projects in Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa, Baker Hughes knows how to determine your reservoir’s potential; maximize zonal output; enhance production; and minimize risk to the environment, facilities, and personnel.

We help you understand your assets economic potential, and we integrate technologies to efficiently evaluate, develop, and produce heavy oil resources. Our experienced geologists, geoscientists and petroleum engineers collaborate with your staff to add more technical and commercial experience to your asset team when you need it most.

Our understanding and expertise in reservoir characterization, intelligent completions, recovery methods, wellbore stability, sand management, and heavy oil production lets you accurately assess the technical and economical constraints of your project. You improve your planning and operations because we know how to capitalize on the most productive zones and avoid the least productive ones.

Develop heavy oil assets

Whether you’re using SAGD, CSS, SD, CHOPS, or mining methods, we provide innovative, tailored production optimization and EOR services. Our state-of-the-art evaluation technology predicts reservoir behavior under various development plans. Advanced drilling tools put your well in the sweet spot, completion and production equipment minimizes nonproductive time, and chemical additives protect your reservoir and keep hydrocarbons flowing.

Baker Hughes provides complete solutions for your heavy oil challenges—from reservoir characterization to hydrocarbon processing.

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