Shale Experience

Accelerate the learning curve

The Baker Hughes Center of Reservoir Excellence (CORE) for unconventional resources accelerates the learning curve with reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, drilling, completions, fracturing, and production expertise. The CORE team identifies the life-cycle solutions that stimulate greater ROI in your shale gas and oil plays.

The team is the focal point for solutions development, internal and external training, and knowledge management. Our customer workshops offer you the latest information on overcoming unconventional resource challenges. Internal training for our oilfield professionals ensures our teams engineer and execute operations safer and effectively.

We consolidate offset well data and best practices captured from thousands of shale operations around the world to ensure a consistent approach that duplicates success and avoid mistakes. This includes 32,000 shale fracturing treatments. We execute these treatments using highly efficient completions and environmentally preferred hydraulic fracturing systems.

In addition to dedicated personnel, we support your operation with well-equipped laboratories located across the globe, including the Technology and Operations Support Center in the US and the Engineering and Services Centers in Canada, Singapore, and Scotland.

For more information about our shale experience, please call us or send us an e-mail.