Shale Formations

Draw from our extensive knowledge base of shale gas and oil play lessons learned

The unique composition of shale varies from basin to basin. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive knowledge base of shale gas and oil play lessons learned. Using that information, we can offer you an integrated, application-specific approach with the technology that improves return on investment.

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Williston Basin

We continue to reduce wellbore construction costs, lower cost-per-foot drilled, and minimize NPT in the Williston basin with our multistage completion expertise.



In two years, with our improved tools and services, we’ve reduced the average days per well by 50%.


Eagle Ford

Since we’ve worked on 97% of all the Eagle Ford wells, we know how to drill a quality wellbore in vertical and directional intervals.



Our integrated development plans are setting a new standard of performance excellence in this HP/HT shale-gas play.



In this shale play, our integrated approach with reservoir navigation expertise enables precise wellbore placement.



We’re maximizing productivity in this low-porosity, low-permeability basin with extended-reach wells.



As the most experienced service company in the Fayetteville shale, we base our work on a wealth of knowledge to obtain the maximum return on investment.

Shale Solutions

We apply an asset life-cycle approach to develop shale solutions that promote smart spending, increased production performance, and operational efficiency.

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