Reduce NPT with a total project solution

Our continuous improvement in this shale play is reducing NPT, lost circulation risk, and overall drilling cost. A total project solution enables you to increase reservoir contact while maintaining the desired target line.

As the most experienced service company in the Fayetteville shale, we base our work on a wealth of knowledge to obtain the maximum return on investment. We optimize the BHA to reduce vibration and increase ROP. You’ll be where you need to be in the pay zone. 

Better fluids management 

We have a proven ability to manage fluids from frac water to production water with our Centrilift HPump™ horizontal pumping system. We’re also correctly treating the fluids that are disposed back into a formation. 

The combination of our technology with better fluids management is resulting in significant performance improvements.

On a recent job, we recommended an on-site disposal well with our HPump™ surface pumping system (SPS), which increased an operator’s daily disposal rate by 50% and a $28,000/day saving. The operator realized a return on initial investment in just eight days. 

Centrally located infrastructure

Our new facility in central Arkansas supplies a full range of completion products. We offer stage stimulation techniques and wellbore cleanup after the stimulation job is finished. 

W also have a full line of perforating and pipe recovery operations in Ft. Smith and Conway to service your jobs.

Horizontal Oriented Perforating System (HOPS)

Our Horizontal Oriented Perforating System(HOPS™) allows long intervals to be perforated in the correct orientation in deviated and horizontal wellbores.

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