Ensure precise wellbore placement from accurate reservoir navigation

In this shale play, our integrated approach with reservoir navigation expertise enables precise wellbore placement. Advanced LWD services optimize zonal isolation for staged fracing operations.

Real-time steering recommendations are based on accurate data from proprietary reservoir-navigation software, offering you comprehensive downhole information for wellbore location in zone. You’ll be able to see the planned wellbore trajectory with changing bed dips and/or faults so you can make proactive steering decisions.

Improved steerability with the right PDC

Since the beginning of the Marcellus development, we’ve been analyzing PDC bit performance so we can customize our technology for this play. In horizontal applications, our Genesis™ D directional PDC offers excellent toolface control and ROP. In many jobs, we’re drilling the build and lateral with one BHA. 

Recently, our Genesis D PDC drilled the build and lateral with increased ROP compared with the prior two offsets. Patented depth-of-cut control technology ensured stability, improved toolface control, and enabled smooth formation transitions. The operator saved more than $156,000 compared with the offsets.

Eliminate hole instability issues

No competitor can match our drilling fluids experience in the Marcellus shale with work on more than 300 wells here. Continuous refinement of mud formulations and drilling practices virtually has eliminated hole-instability and stuck-pipe issues while increasing ROP. We offer a full range of oil-based, water-based, and synthetic fluids.