Reduce drilling time using superior technology

We’re continuing to work harder so you can drill faster in this productive shale play. In two years, with our improved tools and services, we’ve reduced the average days per well by 50% to 15.5 from 31.2. Average rotating hr per well also decreased the same to 165 hr from 330.

Our experts are optimizing your drilling projects with improved BHA designs, reduced bit vibration, enhanced completion designs and imaging, optimized horizontal drilling performance, and higher ROP.

Improve recovery in lateral wells from better imaging

High-resolution memory images yield an unprecedented amount of geological data for reservoir evaluation. This better formation understanding improves recovery substantially while reducing rotating hours. One of our customers was able to save an estimated $600,000 in drilling cost in one year alone with this improved reservoir evaluation, which resulted in higher revenue from the improved hydrocarbon recovery.

Eliminate frac stages

FracXplorer™ downhole seismic service offers you a reliable estimate of fracture volume and orientation with the location and orientation of preexisting subseismic faults activated during injection. You’ll have validation of hydro-frac program parameters, reducing fracturing costs through greater efficiency. With an enhanced understanding of the parameters, you can improved well spacing and field-development planning.

Applying this advanced approach, one of our customers eliminated two frac stages, reducing rig time and equipment cost. Total saving was $350,000. Depending on the frac stages’ volume size, potential savings could be even greater.


F.O.A.M. Gas Well Deliquification

Our F.O.A.M.™ deliquification foaming agent safely and economically rejuvenates older gas wells by removing liquids from the wellbore, allowing higher gas production.

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